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#1 IKEA Kitchen Installer in Florida

As a teenager finishing my studies in Washington D.C. I supported myself by as a licensed contractor even back then, some 28 years ago. See here:

About Us - Contractor License since 1990 | Kitchen Craft LLC
Contractor License since 1990 | Kitchen Craft LLC


Amongst other things on my resume, I also have 3 years as a diplomat in London UK, while I worked for European Bank, EBRD.

If there are any Ikea kitchen installers in Florida with a better, proven record and a resume, or more experience and awards, I haven’t heard of them. 

Kitchen Craft LLC was installing ikea kitchen cabinets throughout Sunshine State even before IKEA opened its first store in Florida. We were here first.

Even before they opened first IKEA in Florida, I had a direct contract with them as a certified ikea kitchen installer. After 4 years of doing great work as always, IKEA was switching to nationwide third-party corporation. Even though I was promised multiple times by multiple managers, that Kitchen Craft LLC / I, have nothing to worry about, as “they” will not let me be on a street, one day I was told: Sign and go under or be on a street! Well, I have a direct contract with IKEA, I am not a subcontractor and why do I have to sign with anyone and become such, plus pay 30-40% of my income to them? It made no sense to me, to lose my identity, and pay for what? Oh yeah, they also wanted me to sign a non-compete with them. To, sign my life away. Hmm

I understand for some start up handyman that is not busy, it may be a good deal, but I am my own Boss and I already run a very successful business and already had direct contract with Ikea. As I asked my questions, and tried to “tailor” the contract to pay less of an imposed “racket”, and not to sign a non-compete under no circumstance, I was given one and only option: Sign with “them” or be on the street!

2010, biggest recession in US history, horrible time to be a contractor on a street, and there I was, on a street. Lots of sleepless nights, worries, stress… Lost my gf…

By constantly good and hard work, blood, sweat and tears, I committed myself into providing a best ikea kitchen installation service in Florida as an independent service provider. 

“Them” (QWR) was fired by IKEA about a year later!

There were 3 such big companies coming to Florida form out of state experimenting with “new formula” of constantly firing/hiring and training new trainees that work as subcontractors for a percentage to the middle man. Now they have the 4th one.

We are a small Florida grown business, and we don’t have fancy commercials, or try to make you believe that we will mow your lawn or walk your pets etc. What we promise is fast, safe, experienced and effective crew of my ikea kitchen cabinet installers, that will enter your home on a mission. Crew that loves what we do and are best at it.

Get in on time, do the job right, install per design quoted, clean up, get out.

Expert Service.

We don’t do remodeling, or renovations. No repairs or partial installs.

This is what we do:     I k e a k i t c h e n i n s t a l l a t i o n . c o m

We don’t get into long or complicated deals as we are not interior designers, builders or general contractors. We are the expert ikea kitchen installers.

Nobody in Florida can do ikea sektion cabinet assembly and install better or faster than Kitchen Craft LLC. No other company in Florida is more trusted or awarded. When it comes to expert ikea kitchen installation service, we are # 1 in more ways than one. When you deal with us, you know whom you let into your home.

Every job is done right. Set it and forget it. You hired the best for the job.

This is not just another website claiming to be the best or better than best or 5 best or 10 best or such. You want to deal with those, that is your business.

If you want to hire the true and proven #1 Ikea kitchen installation service in Florida, that is my business. Sergio Milosavljevic Owner / Operator of Kitchen Craft LLC Ikea Kitchen Installation Svc. Independent Svc provider. Not a sub.

As certified kitchen installers, we are authorized to install any kitchen without voiding its warranty. You will not lose your ikea kitchen warranty if we install it. 

We are specialized and exclusive in IKEA kitchens.

If you buy Ikea kitchen, it is your ikea kitchen.

Kitchen Craft LLC aka Your Ikea Kitchen Installer .com 

IKEA personnel is instructed and trained to recommend only that 4th corporation.

They are bound by a contract to do so.

We are here for the customers that prefer to deal with the expert small business, need or want our service.

Available to you direct – Send us a message below.

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