We are simply number one when it comes to IKEA cabinet assembly

You have had you kitchen remodelled, you love IKEA’s Hardware and you have your new IKEA Sektion cabinet box’s. You could now follow your IKEA instructions and Installation process. Just think of the days and nights you will be wasting.

When you get your first cupboard together you notice it doe’s not fit.

Not to worry kitcheninstallation.com is here to completely install you kitchen design.

We are Independently licensed and fully insured.

Your IKEA Kitchen Cabinets will be assembled and Installed By Verified Experts. With over 70 reviews not forgetting to mention the thank you emails we get.

We don’t do home home improvement, We simply install IKEA Kitchens.

Cabinets installing takes years of experience to get the job done right. IKEA installation is something we specialise in. If it is fitting doors and drawers, fitting a cabinet door or putting your drawer front on we can do it all.

We can also do other jobs such as installing the railing system, suspension rails are a better option than attaching the cabinets directly to the wall.

a suspension rail allows more flexibility!

Contact me direct to get a hassle free quote sergio@kitcheninstallation.com.

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