In our FAQ we cover most of Florida for installations.View our service areas here and if you need our IKEA kitchen installation service, we’ll be happy to come to your location.

It is available in a more limited area please contact us. We are a small business, and while we try to help as many customers as we can, we make sure we don’t take on more clients than we can handle.That way we always do a great job and have happy clients and referrals.

There is no one price fits all it real depends on the layout and the work involved.

Once you have your kitchen design on IKEA home planner, it’s as simple as opening that plan at their store and ordering your kitchen.You can also order it from IKEA online and they will deliver it.

We specialize in IKEA kitchen cabinets, assembly and installation.We are exclusive in IKEA kitchen installation and we don’t install any other brands. One more reason why we are so good at it!

If you hire us for your IKEA kitchen installation we can help with that as well.

Sorry, we don’t do complete renovations or remodeling.

We will make sure that your appliances fit into new kitchen as installed. “dry fit”. Cabinets will be leveled and you will be ready for counter-top template right after we are done with your ikea kitchen cabinet assembly and installation. We don’t do plumbing or electrical you should hire a licensed professional for that. We strongly believe you should hire a professional to protect yourself and your new kitchen.All the necessary cutouts in cabinets to accommodate plumbing and electrical are included in our installation quote.

Absolutely, we can customize ikea section kitchen cabinets on site as needed. (removed preferably) Please let us know in advance, so we plan for the job, and make sure that you have the right parts, enough time and everything that is needed.

Unfortunately, we get that asked that question a lot by (stressed) people who tried DIY or hired inexperienced handyman or some website with no verifiable info and real company name…Hire the proven expert IKEA kitchen cabinet installers and have no worries.We don’t do repairs, partial installations or fix others mistakes. Firm company policy.

No, we are certified kitchen installers authorized to install any kitchen without voiding its warranty. IKEA Kitchens are also sold as DYI so technically you would not lose it if you install it. Properly. We do every job right and by the book. That is the only way we know how. Many years of experience. We stand behind our work.

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