IKEA Kitchen Installation

We are number one when it comes to IKEA kitchen installation.

Have you had your IKEA kitchen designed?

Are you in the renovation process with your old kitchen?

You don’t want the hassle of reading the instructions and then having to then assemble the cabinets and then dealing with the cabinet installation. You would still be no where near to a completed kitchen.

We assemble and install everything including kitchen cabinets, wall cabinets, cabinet doors and even the drawer fronts. Save yourself time and money. We have all the tools and the man power to complete the job.

We have loads of reviews from satisfied customers.

We have 15 years experience of installing IKEA kitchens

Have a look at our finished kitchens in our gallery.

Our IKEA installation is a full installation price this varies to the size of your kitchen and also what needs assembled.

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