IKEA Sektion Installation

IKEA’s SEKTION kitchens are quality kitchens but they are not easy to construct or install.

IKEA furniture can be a pain at the best of tines to put together and your Sektion kitchen is no different. It takes a bit planning and lots of DIY experience to get it put together properly and safely.

You have all the IKEA instructions to follow after all you don’t want base cabinets falling to pieces or cover panels dropping off.

Do you really trust yourself with your kitchen installation?

kitcheninstallation.com is here for your IKEA kitchen

We are Independently licensed and fully insured. We have all the tools we need to complete your installation. We do everything you could imagine hang the cabinets, fix the upper cabinets if needed, assembling the lower cabinets, and fitting bottom cabinets

We don’t do living rooms, We simply Offer a full IKEA Sektion Installation

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